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photo credit to dan busler photography, walpole, massachusetts

modern. intuitive. artist.

i am a very deep and intuitive person and this is reflected in my artistic process. i love to layer a fresh, new canvas with torn papers full of rough edges, thick layers of modeling paste combined with plaster tape and anything else that adds texture to the surface, and finish with a bold and vibrant mix of heavy acrylic paints to create art that screams texture. and within the layers of gritty texture you will find beautiful images, faces and shapes.

i have been arting for over 10 years and i continue to learn about myself through my creative process. i started working with very small canvases and all of my decisions were controlled and measured. i wanted it all to be absolutely perfect. today, it isn't about perfection. it is about allowing my intuition to guide my hands and aspiring to bring the beauty i see in my mind to the canvas so i can share it with you. 

i truly enjoy witnessing the moment that you connect with my art. i promise that your hand will automatically reach out to touch the surface! 


i am a self-taught artist located in boston, massachusetts. i have been published in the Summer 2016 and Winter 2017 editions of Somerset Studio Gallery and in the July/August 2018 edition of Somerset Studio. 

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