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how it appears to me...

This is an intentionally non-fancy, rather plain picture of my scribbles in my art journal which I have nearby at all times. It's a roughly drawn (not terribly well either - ha!) image of my next series. These scribbles depict circles in motion with a 3 dimensional appearance.

The idea for the the series came from a conversation with a coworker who asked me to bring in a piece of art that would fit in a particular spot in her office. The criteria was that it would not be overly large, oblong rather than square or rectangle and it would be bright and colorful.

What I heard was a call to make a new canvas! (...loud music started playing in my head...) I had three 12 X 24 canvases at home waiting to be altered. I would use oranges and blues. A few days later, I was walking back to my desk and an over-sized, shiny, glowing circle appeared in my head. So the subject matter would be a circle or circles.

I started by tearing old magazine pages, envelopes and other delicious scrappy materials to cover the canvas when the voices in my head started talking..."this can possibly be a series." And I responded that a series would be a bit more work and that I have quite a few canvases in the works already. "You will create

movement with circles and design placement and a series through use of color elements." Oh really!!...

I'm always impressed with how my head organizes the visual side of me, but it does take a bit of patience and reflection to reach this level of clarity. It also takes the alignment of the sun, moon, and stars (ha-ha) a really good song to begin the doing.

The 3 canvases are chattering away at this point, telling me how they want to be treated....can you see the glowing circles moving about the horizon line?...ha ha ha...not to worry, I'll keep you posted...

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