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trusting my instincts

raise your glass my friends and join me in a toast - it's time to celebrate!! my mixed media collage art is PUBLISHED in the summer issue of Somerset Studio Gallery!!!!!! (see below for over-sized picture of me holding letter of Congratulations! which arrived tonight with my preview issue)...

i was contacted by the magazine editor in early January. she asked if i would consider sending some originals for consideration. she said something exactly like this in her email, "I would love to talk to you about including some of your pieces in one of our upcoming publications. I really think your art would be a great fit in our magazine."

so i thought about it for about a second...hell yes!! - and i took a leap of faith. best decision ever!! i can't describe this feeling - pure joy...pure happiness.... when the magazine is published on JUNE FIRST, i plan to walk around my nearest Michaels (or AC Moore) with a copy in hand and introduce myself to random people while i point to my article.... please let me know when you pick up your copy - i would love to hear your feedback. (also note that i will absolutely be posting this multiple times between now and june 1st when the magazine is in stores... YES!!!!

#daneneelisegrillo #mixedmediacollage #somersetstudiogallery #published #article #magazine

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