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try a bold new shower curtain!

turns out that the shower curtain i ordered from society6 is pretty damn cool if i do say so myself. i thought for sure it would be odd to order a shower curtain of my own art, and it is a bit. but it's also incredibly exciting and humorous at the same time. i mean, it's a shower curtain, so everything is supah-sized. the original collage is on a 12x12 canvas and now it's enlarged so every detail is visible...every nook and cranny...every layer of texture...every wrinkle in the dress pattern paper...every blotch, every splatter, every bit of drippy's all there in a giant shower curtain! so it makes me laugh in the morning when i'd rather still be sleeping.

these pictures do a decent job of capturing the detail that i mention. all of the wrinkles, movement, text and texture from the collage are magnified big and bold on the curtain. and it's fun! you know you were thinking about making statement in your bathroom...go ahead, change it up!!

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