the oddest place you will find wildlife art

while looking across a vast tundra of brown shag carpet, i spotted the unbleached titanium long neck giraffe canvas propped up against a window. ivory black was nearby. the two were snacking on the leaves atop an acacia tree.

there have been some changes since our last visit. it appears that their backgrounds have been updated with drippy splashes of yellow, green and orange. alcohol ink is randomly spattered about. turquoise numbers now appear in the vista. stamped images lightly dance across newly texturized areas.

i have a feeling these two will soon be ready to travel to new and unusual places. perhaps they will find themselves at home in your kitchen....or....your bathroom. who knows!!

i'd love to hear your thoughts at daneneelise@gmail. thanks for visiting the majestic series!

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on any given day, you can find me in my studio dancing to loud 80s music, burning incense and building art full of texture, depth and layers. 

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