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what i didn't know i'd learn when i started this journey.

i was invited to donate my elephant art to the Global Conservation Force. they are dedicated to the protection of elephants, rhinoceroses and giraffes in their habitats through direct action, education and awareness. on a personal level, i am extremely flattered that a representative from GCF contacted me in their search for unique items that will aide in their fund raising efforts.

but it is heartbreaking that the GCF exists at all. their website explains that there is currently a race to save the worlds' threatened wildlife. anti-poaching rangers stand between the poachers and the wildlife they desire. due to the intensity of the recent outbreak of rhino and elephant poaching; anti poaching rangers, in some regions of the world, have become more like military teams. GCF primarily works with anti-poaching units protecting those species by providing advanced training, custom gear, and back-up when needed.

elephants are beautiful, loving, and family-oriented. my new 'majestic series' - comprised of elephant, giraffe and rhino mixed-media art - was born from a purely organic impulse: i want to create an elephant collage. the series quickly evolved to include a giraffe and a rhino collage. and it makes me happy to create these because i am in awe of their magnificence and beauty.

i don't want to live in a world without elephants, rhinos or giraffes or in a world where they only survive in captivity. i want to be part of the movement that promotes education and awareness and supports anti-poaching. i plan to donate a canvas and prints in time for a fundraiser that GCF is planning in early June.

what i didn't know i'd learn when i started this journey is that i can make a difference and i'm happy to participate. xoxo

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