inspiration and where to find some

i had the most wonderful conversation at work this past week. a friend stopped at my desk to chat about a work project.

i have this piece of elephant art on display at my desk.

my friend looked at the elephant canvas and asked, "when are you going to make something BIG for me??" she continued and said, "the canvas is too small. your art has too much intensity to be trapped in such a small space. i am waiting for you to make something BIG!!"

how cool is this?

i reflect on the energy i have put into reworking the color or the texture or the theme of a canvas so that it conveys an exact meaning. i'm not saying this isn't important, but i do wonder if perhaps i have been trying to squeeze a large and intense idea into a teensy, tiny, small space.

it's time to take the intensity and transfer it to a BIG space. this is incredibly inspiring!

thanks for spending a little time with me today! xoxoxo

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