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inspiration and making room for it to grow

now that i am inspired to find a BIG home for my intense creativity, i find i am inspired to let go of the past by purging old stash so that new ideas and possibilities can be nurtured.

i have definitely set aside a few items over the years that i intended to repurpose, such as cigar boxes - wooden and cardboard and decorated or otherwise. i've always liked boxes in general so i may have saved a couple iPhone boxes as well. and then there was the metal period where i thought i would cut, bend, punch, and embellish cans and tins to my will and create glorious designs.

these creative impulses, ideas and salvaged items are stored away in drawers and containers in my studio. and they have been patiently waiting for over 5-years. perhaps it's time to set them free.

goodbye iPhone 4 box and hello possibility!!

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