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inspiration and listening to the whispers

i started this giraffe a few months back - in March i believe. i started two giraffe canvases that day - one dark grey and the other off-white. the dark grey has given me a lot of difficulty. i completed the off-white canvas in april. but i have not been able to get this one to talk to me.

the pictures below show a few of the transformations that this canvas has traversed as i attempt to bring it to life. and there were others along the way that i didn't capture because i was frustrated or disappointed or just incredibly annoyed.

last night i pulled this out again with new determination. "it's your time!" i said in a firm tone. i assumed the confidence would be clearly conveyed and henceforth, transformative. but, again, no response.

today my head told me to neutralize him and i argued back. and then i decided to stop arguing and began neutralizing the canvas using shades of grey, off-white and white. the last picture depicts the current state. and i have to laugh because it is very similar to day one - with a bit more drama.

this makes me think about the intensity i incorporate into my art, and how i transform the edge and grit and texture into something cohesive - that is reflective of my unique voice. some canvases scream, some speak clearly, some speak softly and some only whisper. the inspiration is nestled in between. xoxo


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