inspiration and taking a leap of faith

i have a million and one canvases already started. there may be a pile in a container beneath my workspace. and there may also be a pile on the bed in the spare bedroom. and there may be a few scattered throughout my studio. but, in the interest of listening to my inspiration and feeding the need to go BIG, i started two more!

sometimes inspiration is found in beginning something new. sometimes inspiration is found by pushing through mental blocks and barriers. sometimes inspiration is found through using new techniques and materials. today, inspiration is found in taking a leap of faith.

i have a vision in my head. it's a new challenge and something i haven't created previously. i'm not really sure how i'm going to take it out of my head and build it on the canvas, but i figured the best plan was to start.

there isn't much to see at the moment...but there's no reason not to share! thanks for visiting...xoxo

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on any given day, you can find me in my studio dancing to loud 80s music, burning incense and building art full of texture, depth and layers. 

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