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inspiration in new places

hello my friends. i hope you're enjoying your weekend and finding a little time to relax and enjoy some time with your family and friends.

i have a couple canvases that are in the works, and sometimes they stop talking to me.

today i made a really simple decision....i went into my studio, turned on some (loud) music and started an entirely new project! as i had hoped, this was all the inspiration i needed to shift my energy.

soon the new and the the existing canvases started chatting away....

quite literally a blank canvas! the handwritten note in the center is from a notebook that my aunt started when she moved. it's fun to included pieces that are meaningful to you even if no one else understands!

then i added a mix of color to bring out the texture in his mane. the king of the jungle still needs a some finishing touches, but he's beginning to shape up!

her background needed to be toned down a bit so that the her wings could pop. and her wings asked to be grounded a little bit so i used some white to pull the pieces together. and then i went in search of the ideal body and i think i found it.....

thanks for stopping by! xoxoxo

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