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i'm excited to share that i am participating in a celebration of creativity to benefit the parish house, a new performance space in newton, ma.

this fundraising event will feature music by boston blackthorne and art featured by danene elise!

i am launching a new series at called "a beautiful mess" which is about the endless conversations i have with myself before, during and after i start a canvas. the conversations are often about what i'm creating and where to begin, or why i don't spend enough time creating, or why the canvas looks ugly or too bright or too immature. . . and so on. . .

while i worked on this series, i decided to have those thoughts if they came and to just keep going. i started with minimalist collage elements and colors. i am thrilled with the outcome. the canvases turned out smudgy and rough and also very organic -- it was a freeing experience to hear these canvases call out their color choices and to respond without doubts or overthinking. this was an extremely rewarding experience and i hope that you feel the energy as well.

the event kicks off on friday, december 7 at 7:00 pm at the parish house which is located at 11 highland ave., newtonville, ma.

i look forward to seeing you there!

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